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FieldKit Station
FieldKit arboreal installation
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Shah Selbe

The astoundingly talented FieldKit team

Role: Co-Founder & Creative Director

FieldKit is three things.

1. Easy to use, low-cost hardware for environmental sensing

Accurate environmental sensors can be expensive, and complicated to operate. FieldKit stations are built to be easily deployed, and our mobile app makes configuration and maintenance simple. With Build Your Own products starting at $150 and configurable based on what you want to measure, FieldKit stations are priced to be accessible to anyone.

2. A platform for managing, analyzing and sharing data about the world around you

FieldKit isn’t just about data collection. Our platform lets you quickly and easily visualize station data, discover trends and patterns, and share your findings with anyone. We make it easy to download your data in a variety of useful formats, so that FieldKit can play nicely with your existing tools.

3. A community of environmental care, using data to document change and work for a better future

Data works better together. FieldKit is dedicated to supporting a strong community of users and developers, building both local and global connections. On the FieldKit community forum, you can engage in discussions with scientists, educators, tech experts and curious individuals – all working to better understand and advocate for the world around them.


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